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Australians Picky About Social Media Etiquette

That bonzer sport-goods brand I was following on Twitter?  Blood oath!  Turned out their tweets were as silly as a two-bob watch, mate.  So I dumped ‘em quicksmart”.

Australians are hard to impress, though social media have become an important medium for brand communication there.  A survey from Latitude Insights and The Social Hatch have shown over 80% of social media users tapping in to brand communications that way.

But many of them – 44%, in fact – get quickly disillusioned, and dump the brand they’re following in short order.  The predominant reasons given for disengaging from brand’s social messaging stream are “getting spammed”, “boring content”, and “not really interested after all”.  Strewth!

Unless Australian consumers are radically different from the rest of us, this suggests that brand use of social media like Facebook and Twitter is often tedious, pushy, self-serving and uninspiring.  The Latitude Insights report showed that “people can get seriously annoyed, and quickly dump brands that behave badly on social media”.

Is there a plus side?  What are brands offering that ‘socializers’ find attractive?

Offers and discounts are a draw, bringing in a third of the consumers tapping branded messages.  Talking back to the brand is pretty big too, with a quarter of contacts giving feedback or lodging complaints.  And a committed minority (20%) used social media access to actually buy things.  My my!

The message is clear:  It’s the content, cobber.  If you can’t keep ‘em interested, your brand basically stands Buckley’s chance of getting anywhere.

Brands can benefit from their social media programs, ‘down under’ in Oz the same as anywhere.  But creating and sustaining worthwhile and durable brand relationships is probably going to mean listening before you start talking.

The Lucky Country?  Strewth, mate, luck’s got nothing to do with it…

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