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Down With ‘Corpspeak’

It’s a language called CorpSpeak.

Here is an example: “Pre the organizational transformation process, the absence of a sustainable enhancement model was occasioning situations including low involvement from collaborators, lack of agile systems for ongoing people development, an elevated incident index, and high rotation in our operations. Via a new organizational transformational model, we homologated ongoing enhancement systems related to productivity, in parallel with our corporate vision: Global-class process-centered flexible plants focused on business results with motivated multi-capable people for exceeding consumers’ expectations. Tracking of process advance was optimally leveraged via technical and human diagnosis.”

Great. Terrific. Splendid. Everyone clear?

Actually nooooo.... Ninety-nine percent of us are not clear at all. For those of you who (like the writer) need a translation of the above incomprehensible gibberish into real English, it actually means “Our workers were getting bored, sloppy and demotivated. After a few accidents, absenteeism rose and people started leaving. We fixed the problems, boosted morale, and the business got noticeably better.”

As manufacturing companies never cease to tell us, in that plummy tone they adopt when they feel pleased with themselves, “Here at PDQCorp” (or wherever ) “The Consumer Is King”. Try to find a trading company today that does NOT claim to be “customer-centric in everything we do”. But if you are really going to “put consumers at the center of your world”, you are going to have to learn to talk like them, rather than addressing the mirror in a language only you can understand.

Why express yourself clearly and simply, the thinking goes, when you can vastly impress your underlings (and probably yourself) with sonorous jargon-filled sentences like ”Our growth algorithm continues to be predicated on specific, tangible and aggressive initiatives for building on our CSD and NCB portfolio”. (Or, for simpletons like you and me, “We make money selling soft drinks”).

Not only is CorpSpeak a barrier against effective communication. It rapidly becomes a barrier against thought itself. By insisting that every aspect of our wonderfully complex human world can be encapsulated in an acronym or a jargon word, meaning itself soon becomes irretrievably lost.

Pi, as a consumer insight company, is in the explaining business. We think the same should be true of everyone who makes a living by marketing products and services.

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