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Hair Today, Trash Tomorrow

American teenagers want to do their bit for good causes, and one way is the “cut-a-thon”, i.e. growing your hair long, getting it all cut off and giving the hair to charity.

The trouble is, the result can be a mountain of tangled curls that no-one can actually use. Locks of Love, the leading US charity of its type, reported ruefully that around 80% of the hair they receive as donations is sadly unusable for making wigs. Despite circulating clear guidelines, they get sent hair which is too short, too wet, too processed or too flecked with gray. It mostly goes in the trash bin, rather than becoming wigs for cancer sufferers or patients with hair-destroying immune deficiencies like alopecia.

The charity’s leaders conjecture gloomily that the whole thing may be more about donors getting “a warm, fuzzy feeling” than the reality of people actually helping people.  It’s a real “look at me!” thing.

The hair-donors? “They get all the attention. They get so much out of it. Actually, a check would be easier for us.  You know?”.

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