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Loved The Hotel, Hated The Mini-Bar

A TripAdvisor survey has revealed that most travelers think hotel mini-bars are a swindle.

86% of a worldwide sample of over 1,600 travelers said that prices for beers, sodas and little bottles of premium blended whiskies  were just too expensive. 45% claimed to have been charged two to three times the amount they would normally pay for the goods offered. Trying to be helpful, 94% said they would use the mini-bar more often if the prices were more reasonable.

But the problem goes beyond a perception of predatory pricing. Mini-bar bills seem to be a major source of indignation for guests, with a quarter reporting disputes with hotels over mini-bar charges when they check out. The introduction of weight and motion sensors  which “ring up the till” at reception when you move a bottle or can seems to have made a bad thing worse. 16% of respondents complained they had been charged for simply putting their own items in the mini-bar to keep them cold, or for moving things around without taking them out and consuming them.

But hotel chains seem committed to the mini-bar, presumably because it costs less than running up and down in elevators to take people room-service orders.

Some hotels have even been diversifying their mini-bar offerings to include items like bottled oxygen, sex aids, condoms, caviar and branded luxury fragrances.

Pi says:  that should turn around all those negative attitudes, surely?

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