Pi Attitude Zone: Self-Gratification

Mixing It With Young Spaniards

The Coca-Cola mixer remained a constant, but the type of liquor going into it could be very different.

A leading international Scotch whisky brand called in Pi Consulting, with a concern that young drinkers in Spain were apparently migrating from whisky to rum as their mixer …sometimes in the middle of the same evening. No-one had a satisfactory explanation as to why this was happening.

Pi’s consumer insight research team ran the Pi-Charts, looking at three groups of mixer consumers: [1] whisky-only drinkers, [2] rum-only, and [3] whisky-OR-rum-drinkers, according to their shifting mood. We examined everything from demographics to lifestyle, and then homed in on attitudinal data about fun and pleasure-seeking.

So what was the key differentiator between Groups [2 & 3] and Group [1]?  Why were people switching drinks?  It turned out that the rum drinkers were salsa music fans. It was a cultural thing: young Spanish drinkers with an urge to get up and dance had romantic notions about tropical salsa music and Latin American or Caribbean imagery.

So all our client’s whisky brand had to do was change the soundtrack behind their commercials to get the "whisky-defectors" to start thinking differently about putting Scotch in their Coke instead of rum.

Pi says:  Keep an open mind, and avoid product-focused navel-gazing. Narrow vision could blind you altogether to a key insight .

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