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Mom, My Boyfriend Wants A Sleepover

Teens and twenties are a demographic that has been especially hard hit by the recent economic downturn.  Aside from marrying later, young people often find themselves still living at home with their parents. In the USA alone, one-third of 18-to-31-year-olds (that’s over 20 million individuals) are still dwelling in the parental home.  Life for them is no bed of roses, despite all that home-cooked food.  Boredom and frustration are compounded by the difficulty of getting a job, the indispensable ticket to moving out.  Around 16% of all 16-to-24-year-olds were recently counted among the unemployed. 

Mind you, living with Mom and Pop has an obviously beneficial effect on these young people’s disposable income, if any, since they can mostly defer having to pay rent. Parents of ‘comeback kids’ take a dim view of this – 88% think they should pay their way as household members.

But is there a deeper reason for the ‘boomerang’ behavior of those who move back into their childhood home – or indeed never left in the first place?  One possible aspect of life that deserves scrutiny is sex, or lack of it.  Some complain their love-life gets “limited” due to parental disapproval of their sleepover trysts with boyfriends or girlfriends, lack of kitchen access for entertaining, and so on. 

On the other hand, some of these kids’ parents grew up in the inter-generational battleground of the 1960s and ’70s.  They remember the difficulties they themselves experienced in pursuing any kind of intimate relations in their own early relationships. Though they are now in middle-age, these Moms’ and Dads’ attitudes are — at least in Europe, less obviously in America — more permissive than the starchiness of their own parents.  This is particularly so in cases where the oldsters didn’t personally benefit much from the sexual merry-go-round of the Swinging Sixties, and have a sneaking feeling that they should have done.

Either way, their children are perhaps the first twentyish generation to find that they don’t necessarily have to move out in order to have a sex life. Much easier to stay home for another year or two, and reap the pecuniary benefits without having to compromise their libidos.

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