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Music? It’s In The Mix

The writer has to confess that he has peculiar tastes in music, ranging from operetta to soul music to Tex-Mex.  He has a particular fascination for strange fusions between musical genres, of which his favorite exhibit is a rare recording of Beyoncé singing her edgy ballad Irreplaceable in Spanish (with an amazingly authentic accent, actually), in a remix based on Northern Mexican Ranchera dance-rhythms and Tejano accordions.  Truly weird and wonderful.  And irresistibly danceable.

Pi is gratified to note that others too are getting bitten by the musical fusion bug.  As a for-instance, American country music songs have been mutating into dance-tracks, with thumping techno-beats accompanying all those “somebody-done-somebody-wrong songs”.  The result is a greatly enlarged fan base, and a whole lotta foot-tappin’ where before there was mostly just lonely guys and cryin’ in the rain.  People get up and dance when they hear the new country mixes – and we’re not talking two-steps, waltzes or line-dancing.  This stuff makes them wanna shake it the whole night long.

Meet country as party music.  Its cowboy-hatted origins are still unmistakable, but it’s performed by a rising generation of country stars who grew up as much on hip-hop as on Nashville, and are disinclined to pick one over the other.  For a while it was performed mainly in country nightclubs (who knew there were such places?), but danceable country has been getting so big it has begun to impact the large-scale concert circuit. 

It seems to be good for business, too.  One music producer whose flagship artists are definitely country has encouraged his acts to graft on rap elements, thereby significantly expanding their fan base.  “Do a remix”, he grins, “and you just doubled your profit”.  Yeehaw!... um... Bro’....

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