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Not Here, Not Coming

Opinion polls have outed around eighty million Americans who seriously believe that extra-terrestrial beings have visited the Earth from outer space. Over 40 million of them claimed to have witnessed -- or to know someone who was present at -- one or more UFO sightings. 20% of Americans professed to believe in alien abductions.

However, there are plenty of us who feel less convinced about little green men lurking unseen all around us.  Those doubts were wittily expressed in a song penned by the Eagles’ Don Henley, “They’re not here, and they’re not coming” (acknowledgments to Wisteria Music):

…Anxious eyes turn upward
Clutching souvenirs
Carrying our highest hopes,
And our darkest fears

So you long to be delivered
From this world of pain and strife
That’s a sorry substitution for a spiritual life

Would they pile into their saucer
Find Orlando’s Rat and hug it?
Go screaming through the universe
Just to get — McNuggets?

You may see the heavens flashing
You may hear the cosmos humming
But I promise you, my brother
They’re not here, and they’re not coming

Just by the by, Henley seems to have revealed one of the great truths of human existence and belief: that everything is really about something else. In this case believing in extraterrestrials seems to be about wishing this were a more perfect world.

Pi says: while you’re waiting, you should keep calm and carry on.  And keep eating the McNuggets.

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