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Tattoo Much?

Tattoos are forever. That’s the point, isn’t it?

So you feel a permanent emotional commitment to that curvy dragon on your back?  Or the grinning death’s head on your bicep?  Or that pouting cutie pointing coyly at your belly-button?  Or even the agonized Christ Crucified splayed across your shoulders? How about when you had the name of ‘The One’ indelibly and romantically tattooed on your wrist – like, um, forever?  We salute you, tattoo’d person!

Ah, but what happens when he/she/it turns out NOT to be ‘The One’, after all?

In that case, better call Dr. Tattoff, a chain of tattoo parlors in reverse, where they erase your past ink mistakes with laser technology.

Interestingly, most of the clientele you’ll find at The Doctor’s are young women aged 25-35, proving that it is, indeed, a lady’s prerogative to change her mind.

Ironically, the growing realization that you can get rid of the things seems actually to be boosting the demand for tattoos among both sexes. The removal price tag can be an obstacle, at up to $50 per square inch per laser treatment.  This is way more than you paid to have the lurid image put there in the first place. And the experience is uncomfortable, to put it mildly. Grit your teeth now...  this is going to hurt.

Strangely, however, a dominant reason for the rising demand for tattoo removal is… wait for it… so that people can clear the space and get inked all over again.  Who had an inkling?

Pi says:  if it’s worth inking once, ink again.

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