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The Green Movement... Moves Mainstream [2]

“Green 1.0” is a distant memory.  Now we have entered the era of “Green 2.0”.

Pretty much everyone is green. Advertisers now “get it”, and have started seeing the positive side of green-mindedness, rather than using their communication platforms to ward of the “evil green eye”. In recent years they have been using planet-friendly messages as a positive way of bonding with consumers.

This is particularly noticeable in America’s consumer electronics (CE) market.  Far from running for cover, CE brands are now enthusiastically associating themselves with the “positive outcomes” that green thinking engenders. It’s now “fun/cool” to be green. A majority of CE consumers no longer think that “green technology” is a contradiction in terms. They now believe in hi-tech’s ability to solve environmental problems, save energy and boost America’s ailing economy – as well as being “way cool”.

The advent of Green 2.0 means that basic “greenery” is no longer an ideology or a movement.  It’s now just another paving slab in the floor of our collective consciousness. But would the early eco-warriors be proud that “they won” so resoundingly? Not necessarily. There is a growing separation between what Green Believers say and what they do, much of which seems to produce unexpected side-effects. Some “eco-fixes” make things worse, not better.

An example: concern for animal welfare is at unprecedented levels, at least in the West, and is still growing fast. Yet demand for meat has been expanding everywhere. Worldwide meat production has quadrupled since the 1960s, and consumption is set to double again in the next forty years. It is difficult to reconcile the new prevalence of humane thinking with the increasingly carnivorous habits of consumers, and the nasty intensive meat-production methods they directly cause. Meat is increasingly bad for the environment, too. 30% of the earth’s plant-producing surface is already being grazed for livestock production, and the flatulent beasts themselves produce almost a fifth of all greenhouse gases – more than transportation does.

Pi says:  when “green” thinking is so widespread as to be a commonplace, people forget why they felt so passionately about it before.  Maybe it’s time to move on to “Green 2.1”…

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