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‘Thermobarbanomics’ Controls Shaving Patterns

What products do European men use to keep themselves feeling clean-shaven and presentable? A recent survey showed that 45% of European males have electric shavers, while nearly two-thirds of them own some kind of wet-shaving system, whether conventional re-usable razors or the disposable kind.

Those who shave seem to represent nearly 90% of adult males. (There is a duplication factor: some ‘wet shavers’ apparently keep an electric shaver handy as well). That leaves around 10% of European adult males who don’t give appear to shave at all, or at least don’t own a shaving kit.  Logic says that those guys must all be wearing beards.

But wait. Could some of these people actually be regular shavers who happen to use someone else’s razor? Their wives’ or girlfriends’, for instance? Ewwwww!!!  Pi would like to hear from the Wronged Women whose shaving tackle is being borrowed by their Unprincipled Menfolk.  In keeping with the Pi website’s fearless editorial policy…. We Will Name The Guilty Men. 

Seriously, the demographics of electric shaver owners in Europe trend older (peak age is 55+), and predominantly married. Psychographically, they seem to be buttoned-up types who like organized routines and judge a fellow by the car he drives. Wet shavers, by contrast, cluster in the younger age ranges, and are slightly more likely to be divorced or separated.

Interestingly, men wearing beards seems subject to a North Europe-South Europe divide. A higher proportion of British men turned up in the “don’t shave” column than Frenchmen. There are considerably more bearded men in the chilly climes of Germany than in sunny Spain, where the clean-shaven predominate by a higher margin.

The obvious reason? Pi’s Law of Thermobarbanomics:  More Heat, Fewer Beards. 

If the rule holds, Pi assumes that global warming may eventually eliminate beards almost completely…

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