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Whales Bet Big

If you go to Las Vegas for a blackjack’n’craps weekend, watch out for whales.

“Whales”, in gambling parlance, are players who can afford to lose (or, presumably, win) $3 million dollars during a single stay at a casino. They number only a few thousand worldwide, though a growing number of them are swimming in from the People’s Republic of China.

You know how it is: $3 million here, $3 million there, pretty soon you’re into big money.  At least that’s what the people behind Las Vegas’ Venetian casino empire have found. The Venetian resort in Macao is three times the size of its namesake in Nevada, and attracts bets from 60,000 gamblers a day.

40% of the casino’s revenues come from 59,700 of them. The remaining 60% of the money is laid on the green baize tables by just 300 people.

The rest of us punters just shrug our shoulders, and reflect that getting skimmed a few hundred bucks seems insignificant beside what the “whales” must be losing.

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