Pi Attitude Zone: Self-Fulfilment

You, Robot

Here are ten things that robots are already able to do, or soon will be.  Pi would like to know how people feel about robots replacing people in functions like these.

  1. Beating you at chess
  2. Vacuuming cookie crumbs off the living room carpet without being told to
  3. Taking your fast food order
  4. Washing up in restaurants
  5. Doing endlessly repetitive spot-welds on a car chassis production line
  6. Defusing bombs
  7. Exploring crime scenes where bad guys may still be lurking
  8. Sexing chicks.  (No, dummy, the little fluffy yellow kind)
  9. Performing diagnostic and surgical procedures under direction from a doctor a thousand miles away
  10. Standing in for you in meetings

Oh, you want to take those functions back?  No, Pi didn’t think so.  Okay, we’ll grant you the chess one, we realize you have your pride to think about.

The big deal here is that robots will increasingly be able to take care of a selection of our needs without our having to remember to tell them so each time.  Luddites may fear that robots – and technological advances in general – will destroy more jobs than they create.  History says different.

Robots replacing people?  It depends in what function.  One day a robot might take over your job.  And you might be very glad it did, if you value your time.

Hey, congratulations on your new job:  it sounds a lot more interesting and fulfilling than the old one.  Wait, you’re still doing your own household chores?  What are you, a robot?

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