The Pi Breakthrough

Pi Breakthrough

Attitude profiling:
the Pi-ChartTM breakthrough

Pi reveals, analyzes  and compares consumer attitudes in a new way.  The Pi-ChartTM gives a visual ‘snapshot’ of responses to archetypal attitude questions.

Going Beyond Segmentation

No-one is defined by just one attitude.  Each of us has a whole spectrum of attitudes whirling through our minds, all the time.  Pi counted 40 archetypal attitudes that we all have, in varying measures.

Going ‘beyond segmentation’, Pi shows  not just one  selected ‘defining’ characteristic of a consumer group, but the group’s entire attitude profile.

Pi is:

  • EASY -  revealing in one simple graphic the secret of “what makes people tick”
  • VISUAL – a consumer group’s attitude profile in one snapshot
  • COMPLETE – scores for all 40 archetypal attitudes are shown together
  • STABLE – Pi’s list of attitudes remains fixed and unchanging over time
  • QUANTITATIVE – every element is measured via questionnaire responses
  • COMPARATIVE – multiple consumer groups are compared in a single chart
  • UNIVERSAL – the same charting technique works for over sixty countries, and gives direct comparisons between them

Pi is the first truly new CI analysis technique in over 20 years.

No other Consumer Insight tool can emulate what Pi does.

Click here to see a sample Pi-ChartTM